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Bhutan is unique, and so are the ways of life that have existed there for generations. Historically, the people of Bhutan have shared a distinctive oral culture, creating remarkable songs and dances to observe their most important rituals, to celebrate and socialize, and to express and transmit core knowledge, experiences and values.

Yet with the recent influx of development, globalization, and technology, Bhutan is on the cusp of dramatic change. While change may be inevitable, the loss of essential heritage does not need to be. It is imperative, however, to act quickly.

The Music of Bhutan Research Centre is leading efforts to comprehensively research, archive, and support the uniquely beautiful vital music and dance traditions of Bhutan.

Join us!

MBRC Music Tour to Austria

27Sep 2014

Sept. 21-27

So many more wonderful experiences in Austria!!!

- Krem’s Wachau Valley wine district – great wine here.
- Concert in Krem’s, sharing with an oud player and percussionist
- Children’s concert
- Salzburg the home of Mozart, concert in a few days.



MBRC Bhutan

The Music of Bhutan Research Centre (MBRC) was founded in 2008 by renowned musician Kheng Sonam Dorji to document, preserve, and promote the traditional music of Bhutan. Under Sonam’s leadership, MBRC aims to break new ground by professionally researching, recording and archiving the many musical traditions of the country’s diverse regional, linguistic and ethnic groups, and by documenting the finest living master musicians in performance and interviews.

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