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Promoting Gross National Happiness through Music and Dance


A small, spectacular country in the eastern Himalayas with formidable mountains, steep verdant valleys, wild rivers  and a still-vibrant practice of Vajrayana Buddhism. 

Bhutan is unique, and so are the ways of life that have existed there for generations. Historically, the people of Bhutan have shared a distinctive oral culture, creating remarkable songs and dances to observe their most important rituals, to celebrate and socialize, and to express and transmit core knowledge, experiences and values. Yet with the the recent influx of development, globalization, and technology, Bhutan is on the cusp of dramatic change.

While change may be inevitable, the loss of essential heritage does not need to be. It is imperative, however, to act quickly. The Music of Bhutan Research Centre is leading efforts to comprehensively research, archive, and support the uniquely beautiful, culturally vital music and dance traditions of Bhutan.

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 Yangchenma, Deity of Music
Yangchenma, Deity of Music

MBRC Bhutan

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